Glass reaction systems

AGI glass reaction systems provide :
  • Excellent performance.
  • Great user experience.
  • Best return on investment.

The unique Ring Baffles in our jacketed glass reaction vessels offer exceptional control over process temperature. As a result, the chemical synthesis process is done quicker with high yield. Our optimized vessels allow efficient energy use. So, costs are saved over time. We offer glass reaction systems ranging from 300 mL to 400 L.

Product Comparison
Benchtop ReactorPilot Plant ReactorPilot Plant Reactor PlusPressure ReactorUniversal Reactor
Heat & StirYesYesYesYesYes
Min PressureFull VacuumFull VacuumFull VacuumFull VacuumFull Vacuum
Max PressureAtmosphericAtmosphericAtmospheric10 barGAtmospheric
Temperature monitoringYesYesYesYesYes
Solid & Liquid dosingYesYesYesLiquid onlyYes
Setup timeVery quickQuickVery quickQuickQuick
Changing ImpellerVery quickQuickVery quickQuickQuick
Pressure monitoringNoNoYesYesYes
Inert atmospheric reactionsOptionalOptionalYesYesYes
Initial costLowLowHighLowHigh
Running costLowModerateLowLowLow
Reaction products

Jacketed reactor volumes from 300 mL to 5 L with an operating temperature range of -90 °C to
+230 °C.

Jacketed reactor volumes from 10 L to 30 L with an operating temperature range of -90 °C to +230 °C. Custom vessel volume  of up to 400 L.

Jacketed reactor volumes from 10 L to 30 L with an operating temperature range of -90 °C to +230 °C. Cover has many accessories for process development and the support structure allows easy up, down and sideways vessel displacement for easy access.

Jacketed reactor volumes from 500 mL to 1.5 L with 10 bar G pressure rating and flush valve. Operating temperature range of -90 °C to +230 °C.

Unique multipurpose glass reactor system with up to 100 L double jacketed reactor vessel. Fully customisable.