All-in-one customizable reactor

AGI Universal Reactor is a very versatile system with a variety of features that meets the needs of most reaction processes including distillation, phase separation and dosing. We pour our knowledge and experience into its construction, resulting in a multifunctional chemical processing system that offers excellent value. Each system is built to order and so can be totally configured to meet your specific process needs.

The Universal Reactor is a Gold Label Product.

Why should you choose AGI Universal Reactor ?

All of the best features of our reaction systems are present in our Universal Reactor, which means it offers excellent performance and functionality. A variety of features can also be tailored to suit your specific process requirements.

We integrated our knowledge into a system that offers the following advantages :


Multipurpose reactor with various customisable functionalities


Vessel capacity up to 100 L Triple wall with Ring Baffles

AGI_Glassplant Easy to use

Easy to set up and run reactions


Robust AGI Mechanical seal for heavy duty performance

Suitable for continuous industrial processes


Complete engineering, on-site installation and troubleshooting support around the world

For an in-depth explanation of why AGI reaction systems are best for you, click here.

  • Reaction - vacuum to atm
  • Temperature regulation
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Agitation
  • Reflux condensation
  • Phase separation
  • Vacuum/exhaust manifold
  • Distillation
  • Product cooling and collection
  • Pressure monitoring and relief
  • Inert atmospheric reactions
  • Dosing liquids and solids
  • Additional functions based on user request
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