Why should you choose AGI reactors ?

AGI has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of chemical glass reactors for lab-scale to industrial-scale processes. As well as offering pre-configured reactor systems, our expertise means that we can customize almost any reactor to cater to your individual process requirements.

High performance

AGI reaction systems provide high performance process conditions, resulting in higher yields and lower impurities.

AGI vessels achieve high heat transfer due to their capacity to rapidly heat or cool. Thermal energy is evenly distributed, which prevents uneven treatment of vessel contents.

Features that make high heat transfer possible :

  • Optimized inner wall thickness
  • Low jacket volume
  • Ring Baffle
  • High thermal shock resistance

AGI reaction vessels are optimized for high mass transfer, which is essential for reproducibility and high yield.

Features that make high mass transfer possible :

  • Vessel geometry similar to industrial glass-lined reactors
  • Variety of impeller options to meet mass flow requirements

AGI maintains consistency in scale-up by ensuring, where possible, similar vessel geometry across all vessel sizes.

Features that make scale-up consistency possible :

  • Maintenance of height to inner diameter ratio between 1:1to 1:1.5
Great user experience

AGI reaction systems offer a great user experience, with a stress-free workflow that allows you to concentrate on your process.

AGI systems do not require complex tools for installation. With the standard and premium options available, it is easy to switch vessels (in lab-scale) and to change an impeller if required (in all reactors).

Features that make quick set-up possible :

  • Simple installation
  • Lid accessories held securely while changing vessel or impeller
  • Vessel and motor lift-assist mechanisms
  • Flexible heat transfer fluid hoses for use in tight spaces
  • Vent and drain valves for quick and easy draining of heat transfer flui

AGI reactors are designed to be easy to clean, and feature easily replaceable parts in the event of a breakage.

Features for easy maintenance :

  • Removable flush valve valve
  • Easy vessel access in both benchtop and pilot plant scales
  • In-place cleaning systems offered for large vessels
  • Groove less flanges for pilot plant vessels

AGI reaction systems have a number of useful features for standard processes and process development. Standard configurations can also be modified to suit a specific process.

Standard features available for selection :

  • Heating, stirring, reflux
  • Ports for solids and liquids addition
  • Vacuum distillation
  • Inert reactions
  • Variety of special accessories for specific process requirements

Safety features are integrated in all AGI reactors, ensuring peace of mind for the protection of both personnel and material.

Reactor safety features :

  • Pressure relief valves
  • High thermal shock resistance
  • Mechanically stable design
  • Thermal probes via flush valve
Best return on investment

AGI has a company ethos of dedication to customer care. We design our reactors to offer exceptional value for money and reduced running costs over time. AGI reactors have proven reliability and are a truly worthwhile investment for your facility.

Optimal design and high-quality material of construction means that AGI reaction systems are built to last.

Features that ensure longevity :

  • Careful design process for high mechanical stability
  • Use of high quality and chemically resistant materials
  • Design that factors in user behaviour to prevent system damage as a result of human error
  • Easily replaceable parts

Worldwide support is available for implementing custom projects and on-site installations.

AGI’s worldwide support network : 

  • Operating in 5 countries around the world with local manufacturing sites
  • Partnered with over 40 companies worldwide for local support

Because AGI can provide customer-specific solutions at all scales, we can build a reactor to match your specific process if you have additional requirements.

AGI capabilities in producing tailor-made reactors :

  • Complete in-house engineering design and manufacturing facilities
  • Decades of experience in custom reactor manufacturing
  • Wealth of knowledge in process development procedures

AGI can help you to reduce your running costs with our dedicated customer support to understand your specific process, along with our ability to design reactors with low energy consumption and reliable performance.

AGI’s abilities to reduce running costs :

  • Quick response to issues
  • High quality and energy efficient design of reactors