Rotary evaporator POWERVAP®

POWERVAP® is a patented, fully automated pendulum system rotary evaporator.
The performance of the POWERVAP® is approx. factor 5, compared with a manual rotary evaporator system, which has the same size of rotating flask.

POWERVAP® Applications :
  • Excellent suitable for recovery of solvents.
  • Problem-free distillation of high boiling solvents.
  • Distillation of large amounts of solvent.
  • Concentration of extracts.
  • Concentration of fractions coming from HPLC.
  • We would be glad to develop with you customer specified solutions. With our patented line of fully automated rotary evaporators, we can offer you completely novel and greatly enhanced possibilities.
POWERVAP® Application
Technical Details of the POWERVAP® :
  • Automatic filling and emptying of the rotating flask (patented).
  • Automatic emptying of the distillate chamber.
  • Generation of a desired product concentration.
  • Automatic removal of liquid or viscous concentrates.
  • Handling of foam by means of parametric pulse dosing system (option/patented).
  • POWERVAP® Application Rotating flaskFloating rotating flask, which contents is controlled by means of an inclinometer
  • The floating rotating flask reduces mechanical stresses, to achieve by constant tightness, a powerful distillation, even under permanent operation (see pendulum system).
  • Hydraulic damping system for the rotating flask with drive system (patented), to increase the performance, when drying powders.
  • Surface treated glass flanges for maximal vacuum stability.
  • Rotary Evaporator PILOTVAP® Sealing systemHigh performance sealing system
    – PTFE/glass
    – Service life approx. 20,000 hours of operation
    – Final vacuum better than 0.1 hPa (when empty)
    – 3 years warranty
  • Sealing system STACONSEAL, patented (option)
    – Final vacuum better than 0.01 hPa (when empty)
  • By means of the novel sealing system, a very good solvent recovery rate will be achieved
  • Vapor temperature alarm to shut off the water bath automatically
  • Implosion protection hood for the rotating flask, made of transparent polycarbonate
  • Hexagonal implosion protection system for the condenser, made of transparent polycarbonate.
  • Full system surveillance by software-based error handling.
  • Precise control of the distillation process. Temperature, vacuum and other process parameters are also controlled,
    to handle foaming products
  • Computer controlled reflux: Therefore, facility can wait in standby-mode for new product. As a result, the system does not have to be restarted time-consuming.
  • Unattended, safe and consistent operation
  • For further information’s belonging to the control of the POWERVAP® series, please have a look at the page user interface & process optimization