Pressure, performance, and safety

AGI Pressure Reactor can withstand up to 10 barG pressure in an all-glass vessel design. Every glass reactor is pressure tested and has a protective covering for maximal safety. There is a unique removable glass shaft in the flush valve for easy cleaning, and the reactor lid has 8 ports to accommodate various accessories. The magnetic stirrer seal provides protection against pressure leakage and is made of SS316 (Option: Hastelloy®) for excellent corrosion resistance.

The Pressure Reactor is a Gold Label Product.


Why should you choose AGI Pressure Reactor ?

AGI Pressure Reactor is designed by experts to provide users with excellent pressure control, performance, and safety. We have extensive experience in scientific glass fabrication and in providing solutions for a wide variety of chemical processing industries.

We integrated our knowledge into a system that offers the following advantages :


Up to 10 barG pressure


Flush valve with removable glass shaft


Optimum safety with protective cage and individual pressure testing


All glass body that allows visual monitoring of processes

AGI Glassplant Icon Temperature Range

Wide process temperature range; -90 °C to +200 °C (300 °C as option)


Made of corrosion resistant materials (SS316 or Hastelloy® as option)

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  • Reaction under 10 bar G Pressure
  • Temperature control via thermal jacket
  • Agitation
  • Inert gas reactions
  • Pressure monitoring and relief
General specifications
Vessel capacity 500 mL, 1 L and 1.5 L
Vessel type Double wall DN80
Operating pressure Full vacuum to +10 barG (1 MPa)
Operating jacket pressure Up to +0.5 barG (0.05 MPa)
Operating temperature -90 °C to +200 °C
ΔT – Thermal shock resistance 60 °C (double wall)
Looking for automation?

AGI has partnered with Mettler Toledo to provide you with a fully automated pressure reactor using an RX-10 reaction control unit. RX-10 provides you with superior control over reactions compared to other automation systems. We offer a complete set up that allows you to capture and report all of your process data in one place using an intuitive touch screen interface.

Hydrogenation System
AGI Pressure reactor with Mettler Toledo RX-10