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Lowest distillation pressure for high boiling and thermal sensitive products

Short path – or molecular – distillation allows the evaporation of heat sensitive products at operating pressures down to 0,001 mbar at short residence times. On a cylindrical heating jacket the product is distributed and turbulized by a wiping system. The evaporated fraction is condensed on a condenser installed in the center of the evaporator. This arrangement minimizes the path from evaporation to condensing surface and achieves the lowest possible pressure drop. The high vacuum and the short residence time avoids thermal stress and decomposition of the processed products.

Performance features
  • Capacity: 0,1 kg/h up to several t/h
  • Operating pressure :
    min. 0,001 mbar
  • Evaporation ratio: max. 95%
  • Residence time: short, to minimise thermal degradation
  • Viscosity: max. 20.000 mPas
  • Melting points: max. 200°C
  • Distillation process: fully continuous
Typical Applications

Fine vacuum distillation of thermal sensitive products such as

  • PE wax
  • 3 MCPD, GE, MOSH, MOAH removal from vegetable oils
  • Monoglyceride concentration
  • Used oil recovery
  • Removal of POP's from fish oils
  • EPA and DHA concentration
  • Epoxy resins
  • Lanolin alcohols, lanolin
  • Isocyanates TDI, MDI, XDI, HDI
  • Devolatilization of silicone oil
Design features
  • Heat exchange surface: 0,04 m² - 80 m²
  • Available scales: Laboratory, pilot and industrial
  • Material of construction: glass, stainless steel, special alloys, glass lined
  • Wiping systems: able to limit fouling
  • Operating temperatures: max. 400°C
  • ATEX and GMP design possible

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VTA delivers package units in laboratory, pilot and industrial scale. Package units are skid mounted, pre-assembled systems for wiped film and short path distillation, rectification and thin film drying. All core components, like evaporators, condensers, vessels and piping, are manufactured in modern manufacturing facilities by highly qualified workers either by VTA or within the STREICHER group. All engineering services are performed entirely inhouse at VTA. By minimizing the interfaces, a smooth project execution is ensured.