When purity matters

Quartz is a form of glass with exceptional purity consisting of silicon and oxygen. It offers inertness, resistance to corrosive chemicals, absence of contaminants and low thermal expansion. These properties make it superior to borosilicate 3.3. Quartz based products are used in a variety of chemical processing applications where the absence of contaminants is essential. AGI has the engineering capability and resources to fabricate diverse types of quartz products.

Our products are used in the semi-conductor industry, fiber optics manufacturing, and high purity chemical processes like high concentration acid purification.

Quartz Products

AGI has strong expertise in manufacturing quartz burners for Outside Vapour Deposition (OVD), Vapour Axial Deposition (VAD), and Modified Chemical Vapour Deposition (MVCD) for Optical Fiber manufacturing. The patented AGI Quartz Burner design offers advantages such as accurate focal distance, high heat output, and low gas consumption.

AGI is also capable of manufacturing quartz-based systems for applications such as reaction, evaporation, distillation, acid purification, and more. Custom quartz products provide excellent purity, chemical resistance, and stability.