Upgrade to an ultra-convenient work flow by choosing optional accessories

AGI Benchtop Reactor can be fitted with a number of optional premium accessories to improve ease of use and functionality. If you have any questions about these accessories, feel free to contact us.

AGI_Benchtop Reactor Accessories 01
Benchtop reactor - 1 L Triple wall with glass ring baffles All optional accessories assembled
Lift assist mechanism

As the name suggests, this mechanism helps you to easily lift or lower the over-head stirrer motor and the reaction vessel, and requires minimal effort to adjust the knob to fix the desired position. This feature is very beneficial for easy operation when space is limited in the fume hood.

Note: Separate knobs are present for overhead motor and the vessel. Height adjustment must be made independently.

Rotating vessel support mechanism

This handy option allows you to rotate the vessel 360° when you need to. This feature is particularly useful during collection of highly viscous products, crystals and other non-liquid products. It also provides easy access to the vessel for cleaning.

Flexible bearing coupling

The newly designed flexible bearing coupling eliminates a common stirrer shaft – motor alignment problem by connecting the stirring motor and impeller. With this coupling, even if the alignment of motor and stirrer shaft drifts during the operation, the wobbling of the impeller is eliminated.

AGI_Glassplant Bearing coupling
Lid holder

The lid holder holds the lid on the support structure when you remove the vessel. This option helps to maintains a clean work space and eliminates the risk of breaking the lid or lid accessories during vessel replacement or cleaning.

AGI_Glassplant Benchtop Reactor Lid Holder 1
Lid holder supports lid while the vessel is removed
Insulated flexible hose

Highly flexible insulated hose gives you the advantage of installing the reaction unit in tight spaces. The high-quality insulation provides minimal loss of thermal energy compared to standard insulated hoses.

  • Operating temperature: -90 °C to +250 °C
Hose support clamp

When connected to the reactor jacket, some insulated hoses can cause stress on the glass inlet and outlet. A hose support clamp reduces this stress and protects the glass inlet and outlet ports, providing extra safety.

AGI_Glassplant Benchtop Reactor Hose support clamp
Support Clamp removes stress on the glass inlet and outlet of the thermal jacket
Advanced impeller options

We provide advanced impeller designs for unique mass flow patterns, and accommodate requests for fabricating other configurations to suit your application. We offer the following impeller options :

AGI_Glassplant Advanced impeller options

HB Impeller is useful in achieving high mass transfer in the vessel whilst stirring viscous reactants. If HB impeller is opted, temperature probe cannot be inserted from the reactor lid. Special drain valve (available from AGI) with integrated temperature probe must be used if temperature monitoring is required.

Wall wetter is a special impeller configuration that utilises all the available surface area for evaporating volatile components in the reaction mixture. It does so by spraying the reactants over the vessel wall while rotating. The evaporation rate is highly improved while using Wallwetter. Special drain valve (available from AGI) with integrated temperature probe must be used if temperature monitoring is required.

Vent and drain valves

In situations such as frequent changing of vessels or heat transfer fluid, having a vent and drain valve in the jacket outlet and inlet is highly beneficial. They allow you to drain the heat transfer fluid easily, without spills or leaks. Ultimately, this allows you to maintain a clean work space with no oil residue.

AGI_Glassplant Vent and drain valves
HTF in-line Pt100 sensor

Pt100 sensors installed at the inlet and outlet of the vessel jacket help to measure the exact amount of energy absorbed or released by the process. The data obtained helps you to understand the process dynamics in relation to thermal energy at various stages. This data can serve as the preliminary source of information for planning energy requirement for process scale-up.

Note: AGI supplies only the Pt-100 inline sensor. Datalogger is not under our scope of supply.

AGI_Glassplant HTF in line Pt100 sensor