Upgrade to an ultra-convenient work flow with optional accessories

Buffer tank

Buffer tanks are useful for collecting the filtrate from the filter vessel, or serving as a secondary distillate receiver. They are mounted on the stand in a similar way to a condensate receiver, and are connected to the flush valve via PFA tubing. Supplied with connections to the flush valve and vacuum pump, they can be connected to a vacuum source for vacuum-assisted filtration. Up to 20 L capacity is available.

Vent and drain valves

In situations such as frequent changing of vessels or heat transfer fluid, having a vent and drain valve in the jacket outlet and inlet is highly beneficial. They allow you to drain the heat transfer fluid easily, without spills or leaks. Ultimately, this allows you to maintain a clean work space with no oil residue.

Insulated flexible hose

Highly flexible insulate hose gives you the advantage of installing AGI Pilot Plant Nutsche Filter PLUS in tight spaces. The high-quality insulation provides minimal loss of thermal energy compared to standard insulated hoses.

  • Operating temperature : -90 °C to +250 °C