Best system for crystallisation

AGI Benchtop Filter Reactor is a compact system that integrates the functionality of a reactor and a filter in one system at a benchtop scale. The result is a seamless workflow for crystallisation processes. Our Benchtop Filter Reactor performs synthesis of crystalline products and subsequent filtration/washing cycles and its full jacket design allows reactions to happen efficiently due to excellent thermal transfer.

Filtration is assisted by either vacuum or gravity, and the resulting product cake can be dried under vacuum. A quickly removable filtration part makes it easy to collect wet product cake or dried powder, change the filter cloth, and clean the filter. The filter membrane/cloth can be chosen based on your process need.

  • Reaction, filtration and washing in one vessel
  • Contamination-free material processing
  • Vessel swing/rotating mechanism for easy product collection
The Benchtop Filter Reactor is a Blue Label Product.

Why should you choose AGI Benchtop Filter Reactor ?

AGI Benchtop Filter Reactor is designed to accommodate reaction and filtration processes in one vessel. Most types of crystallization processes can be performed in this system with a simplified work flow.

We integrated our knowledge into a system that offers the following advantages :


Reaction and filtration in a single vessel


Minimal direct handling = prevent product loss


Saves time and process running costs

AGI Glassplant Icon Temperature Range

Wide process temperature range; -40 ℃ to +200 ℃

High resistance

High thermal shock resistance ΔT: 110 ℃ (Double wall)

AGI_Glassplant Full Jacketed Vessel 4

Full jacket design with excellent temperature control

AGI Glassplant Icon Easy Cleaning 1

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Interchangeable vessels and accessories

Premium features provide great user experience

For a more in-depth explanation of why AGI filtration systems are best for you, click here.

  • Reaction – vacuum to atmospheric pressure
  • Filtration – vacuum or gravity assisted
  • Temperature regulation
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Reflux condensation
  • Agitation
  • Dosing liquids
  • Additional functionality - see our Customization section
General specifications
Vessel capacity 1 L, 2 L, 3 L and 5 L
Vessel type Double wall, full jacket
Filtration area 78.5 cm² (1 L & 2 L) 176.7 cm² (3 L & 5 L)
Operating pressure Full vacuum to atmospheric pressure
Operating jacket pressure Up to +0.5 barG (0.05 MPa)
Operating temperature -90 °C to +230 °C
ΔT – Thermal shock resistance 110 °C (double wall), 60 °C (triple wall)
Customization possibilities

AGI Benchtop Filter Reactor can be customised and we are happy to discuss the design of custom features with you in order to meet your specific process need. Our technical knowledge and skill in manufacturing scientific glassware means that we can implement almost any requirement and ensure that the custom reactor features are both reliable and user friendly.

  • Double jacketed vessels
  • Higher operating pressure up to 0.5 bar G