Why should you choose AGI filtration systems ?

AGI has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of filters for a variety of filtration applications and solids capacities. Our filter capacities range from 1 L to 100 L, with or without positive pressure.

Performance and functionality

AGI filtration systems provide excellent process performance conditions and functionality, with technology designed to ensure great thermal control, product mixing, and reduced processing time.

Temperature control in our filters is really efficient due to the full jacket vessel design and options such as integrated filter dryer in selected filter models.

Features that provide great thermal control :

  • Maximized thermal surface area due to full jacket vessel design
  • Additional heat source provided by integrated filter dryer
  • High thermal shock resistance

AGI filters facilitate thorough mixing of aqueous phases, as well as manipulation of product cake after filtration.

Features that facilitate excellent mixing :

  • Vessel geometry similar to industrial glass-lined rectors
  • Variety of impeller options to meet mass flow requirements

AGI filters allow you to save time due to accelerated filtration, simple and safe product collection, and minimal direct handling of product.

Features that save you time :

  • Systems designed to perform reaction, washing and drying of product, without the need to open the filter
  • Vacuum or positive pressure-assisted filtration
  • Filter design allows stable and controlled dismantling and displacement of the product cake
Simple to use

AGI filtration systems have a number of user-friendly standard and premium features; they are easy to set up and maintain, and designed to make handling as simple and safe as possible.

AGI filters have a functional design that does not require complex steps to start the filtration process.

Features for easy set-up :

  • Filter design that allows easy placement of filter membrane
  • Easy attachment and detachment of the filter to the glass vessel with simple tools

AGI filtration systems are really easy to clean and maintain. Filters and filtration parts can be quickly removed and replaced for no-fuss cleaning access.

Features for easy maintenance :

  • Removable filter components for cleaning
  • Spray ball set for large vessels

A range of features can be opted for that further enhance functionality and user experience.

How premium features enhance functionality and user experience :

  • Designed with user in mind for simple use
  • Custom designs are thoroughly evaluated to make systems safe and easy to use

AGI filtration systems provide safety as standard by eliminating unwanted pressure build-up and protecting the user from unforeseen pressure shoot-up hazards.

Filtration system safety features :

  • Pressure gauges and relief valves
  • Transparent protective covers for pressurized filters
Best return on investment

AGI filtration systems are designed to offer exceptional value for money and are built to last. Our filtration systems can be tailor-made to match your specific process and have proven reliability, meaning they are a truly worthwhile investment for your facility.

AGI filtration systems are robustly built for longevity of performance and reliability.

Features that ensure longevity :

  • Careful design process for high mechanical stability
  • Use of high quality and chemically resistant materials
  • Design that factors in user behaviour to prevent system damage as a result of human error
  • Easily replaceable parts

Worldwide support is available for implementing custom projects and on-site installations.

AGI’s worldwide support network : 

  • Operating in 5 countries around the world with local manufacturing sites
  • Partnered with over 40 companies worldwide for local support

Because AGI can provide customer-specific solutions at all scales, we can build a reactor to match your specific process if you have additional requirements.

AGI capabilities in producing tailor-made reactors :

  • Complete in-house engineering design and manufacturing facilities
  • Decades of experience in custom reactor manufacturing
  • Wealth of knowledge in process development procedures