Explore the features of this high performance reaction system that provides an unparalleled user experience

Effortless operation

What sets AGI Pilot Plant Reactor PLUS apart from other reaction systems is its superior support structure. Accessories for production and process development applications are mounted on a PFA coated, flat SS lid, and the vessel is mounted to the support structure using a special lever mechanism. With minimal effort, this mechanism allows for easy displacement of the vessel; it can be moved up, down, and sideways.

  • Easy access to vessel for cleaning
  • Quick impeller change
  • Set up reactions quickly
Accessories for process development

AGI Pilot Plant Reactor PLUSis best suited for kilo lab/pilot plant production applications, along with process development. The PFA-coated SS Lid has adaptable multipurpose 40 A ports with accessories such as purge port, pressure gauge, hand hole, safety valve, condenser, dropping funnel, condensate cooler, condensate receiver, stirrer seal, and temperature sensor. These accessories help to fine tune the reaction and create an optimal process.

Note: 10 L models have vertical condenser. 20 L and 30 L models have diagonal condensers.

Numerous accessories provide safety, facilitate monitoring and control of process. All ports are multi-purpose 40 A
Ring Baffle - a performance driver

A well-performing reactor achieves high yield and saves both energy and the time that you spend on your process. Ring Baffle helps you to achieve this.

Ring Baffle is a unique feature available only from AGI. It is a series of ridge-like structures in the thermal wall of the reactor vessel which direct the flow of thermal transfer fluid uniformly around the process vessel.

The uniform flow and local turbulence produced by Ring Baffle enhances the thermal exchange between the wall and process. This effect is not possible in vessels that don’t have Ring Baffle.

This video shows the flow pattern of a black dye in thermal jacket with and without ring baffle. Ring baffle distributes the dye more evenly compared to the vessel without the ring baffle.

  • Precise and fast temperature control of the process
  • Quick rectification of temperature fluctuations
  • Less waiting time for the temperature to reach set-point
  • Reduced energy costs and total process time
High performing reaction vessels

Vessels are a core component of a reaction system. AGI glass vessels are available with a double wall (thermal) jacket or triple wall (thermal and vacuum) jacket. Both types are available with or without Ring Baffle. All vessels made by AGI have thermal jackets up to full working volume.

The inner vessel wall thickness is optimized using AGI’s propriety resizing method. The benefits of this are :

  • Improved thermal exchange
  • Reduction of energy expenditure
  • Improved process temperature control

Our pilot scale vessels have thermal jackets that cover the process vessel completely. The benefits of this are :

  • Efficient use of thermal energy
  • Complete immersion of process in set-point temperature
  • Better product yield due to uniform and consistent temperature treatment

Our double and triple wall vessels have the best thermal shock resistance (ΔT) for glass reactors available on the market. This allows for versatility in your process and marks the performance factor of our vessels.

  • ΔT for double wall vessels: 110 °C
  • ΔT for triple wall vessels: 60 °C
Pilotplant vessel options
Scale up with ease

AGI reaction vessels are designed with scale-up in mind. Our triple wall vessel geometry closely resembles the geometry of industrial glass-lined reactors.

  • Flow dynamics similar to industrial reactors
  • Meaningful extrapolation of process parameters for scale-up
AGI_Glassplant Pilot Plant Scale Up
AGI Triple Wall Competitors
Aspect ratio
ID (W) : Height (H)
1:1 ~ 1:1.5 1:1 ~ 1:2.5
Bottom Shape Similar to that of
conventional glass
lined reactors (10%
head plate)
Round Bottom
Minimal dead space

The perfect alignment of a flush valve and its PTFE shaft with the drain port of the reaction vessel provides a continuous surface that leaves negligible dead space. This way, there is minimal stagnation and everything is in movement during agitation.

  • 100% effective reaction volume
AGI_Glassplant Pilot Plant Minimal deadbspace
Easy to clean

Cleaning a reactor should be easy in order to keep your workflow simple and prevent cross-contamination from batch-to-batch. Our reaction vessels are designed with this in mind.

  • Grooveless flat flange
    - makes it easy to remove chemical vapour condensates and other residues with a simple wiping action
  • Removable flush valve with run-off design
    - prevents formation of any deposits and is removable to enable thorough cleaning
AGI_Glassplant Pilot Plant PTFE Gasket and Flat Flange
Stable and debris free stirring

Newly designed AGI stirrer bearings have an extended configuration with glass and PEEK sliding parts. For pilot plant reactors, taper type stirrer bearings are used.

AGI Glassplant Benchtop Reactor Stirrer Bearing

The stirrer bearing design reduces axial deviation of impeller at high RPM, resulting in stable, wobble-free stirring.

Video demonstrating how the impeller wobbles using conventional (Left) and AGI (right) type stirrer bearings at different RPMs

Our testing showed that the AGI stirrer bearing has reduced PTFE flaking (from stirrer shaft) with prolonged operation compared to conventional bearings available in the market.

Impeller options

Mass flow pattern is an important factor to consider when you want to achieve a perfect chemical reaction process. We offer three types of impellers with axial or tangential flows. AGI impellers are made of SS rods encapsulated in PTFE for excellent chemical resistance and mechanical strength. If your application requires a special flow, see our advanced impeller options. If you find these are not sufficient, please contact us and we can help you to find a solution that suits your specific process.

AGI_Glassplant Benchtop Reactor Impeller options-1
Standard package
  1. Bend Adapter (80°)
  2. Reducer
  3. Thermometer Pocket
  4. Condenser with Reflux Divider
  5. Receiver
  6. Product Cooler
  7. Vessel
  8. Adapter (SQG 24/40)
  9. Adapter (40 A, 50 A)
  10. Straight Valve, L Type
  11. Drain Valve (PVD 25, ф20)
  12. Drain Valve (PVD 25, ф20)
  13. Vacuum Vent Valve (PVH 25, ф19)
  14. Greaseless Valve (SQG 24/40)
  15. Flush Valve
  16. Dropping Funnel
  17. Fitting
  18. PTFE Stirrer Shaft, Shaft OD: 16 mm
  19. Support Structure
  20. Metal Adapter for HTF, M30
  21. Adapter for HTF, 15 A
  22. Metal Adapter for HTF, M30
  23. Cover Plate, SUS304, PFA coating

N-1 Port for PTFE Stirrer Guide
N-2 Hand Hole
N-3 Port for Dropping Funnel
N-4 PT100 Sensor with Holder
N-5 Port for Condenser
N-6 Compound Pressure Gauge, Safety Valve
N-7 Spare Port
N-8 Purge Port (Rc 3/8)

* Ports on Cover Plate: 7 Ports (10 L), 8 Ports (20 L, 30 L)
* 8 Ports include a Spare Port
* All O-rings are consumables parts.
* Overhead stirrer motor is not included.

AGI_Glassplant Pilot Plant Reactor Plus Standard Package