At the heart of purity and performance
Quartz burners are preferred for applications in the semiconductor industry especially for optical fiber cable production. They offer a pure, contaminant-free flame which is necessary for producing high quality optical fiber cable.
AGI’s patented design enables a unique mixing of gases to produce a stable, powerful, and focused flame. The design uses less gas compared to other quartz and metal burners. Each burner configuration can be custom made to meet the required flame focal distance.
  • Fast achievement of reaction set-point temperature.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Interchangeable vessels (300 ml to 5 L).
  • Stable and powerful flame
  • Accurate focal distance
  • Less gas consumption

We offer three types of quartz burners for different methods of optical fiber production :

  • AGI Quartz Burner
    (for OVD* and VAD**)
  • Multiple Pipe Burner
    (for OVD* and VAD**)
  • Multiple Nozzle Burner
    (for MCVD***)

*Outside Vapour Deposition, **Vapour Axial Deposition, ***Modified Chemical Vapour Deposition

AGI Quartz Burner (for OVD and VAD)

OVD and VAD methods for fibre optic cable manufacturing can benefit from our patented AGI Multiple Nozzle Quartz Burner (Japan Patent No. 3640071) as it provides a strong and stable flame with:

  • High accuracy in flame focal length
  • High heat and efficiency
  • Pure flame with zero contaminants
  • AGI proprietary gas mixing provides superior heat, accuracy, and efficiency
  • Reduces gas consumption compared to conventional quartz and metal burners
  • 100% quartz ensures zero contamination
  • Each burner made by AGI is individually inspected and supplied with a 3D inspection report
  • O2 nozzle is surrounded by H2 nozzle
  • Accurate focal distance
  • Max OD: 110 mm
  • Custom design to suit focal distance and nozzle orientation is possible
  • 3D inspection documentation for accuracy supplied with all burners
Proof of performance
Multiple Pipe Burner (for OVD / VAD)

AGI Multiple Pipe Burner is useful for OVD and VAD methods of fiber optic cable manufacturing. Our Multiple Pipe Burner is available in range of different sizes and tolerances, with a maximum outer diameter of 130 mm. Each burner made by AGI is individually inspected and supplied with a 3D inspection report.

Size Tube
(Unit: mm)
(Unit: mm)
Up to 50 OD ± 0.05 ± 0.10
Up to 80 OD ± 0.10 ± 0.15
Up to 100 OD ± 0.15 ± 0.15
Over 100 OD ± 0.20 ± 0.20
Multiple Nozzle Burner (for MCVD)

AGI Multiple Nozzle Burner for MCVD method is made of quartz. The design of this burner produces a high efficiency flame and an accurate focal distance similar to AGI Quartz Burner for OVD and VAD methods. Each burner made by AGI is individually inspected and supplied with a 3D inspection report.