AGI custom quartz manufacturing

At AGI, we take pride in our decades of experience in custom manufacturing. Our expertise in working with quartz, combined with our engineering and technical knowledge allows us to fabricate any type of glassware entirely out of quartz.

Most of the standard systems that we offer in borosilicate 3.3 can be made in quartz. Since all of our projects with quartz as a construction material are custom made, a great number of possibilities are available to achieve the precise configuration that you need for your process.

We produce 100% quartz systems as well as combinations of quartz and borosilicate 3.3, and offer excellent technical support in refining your process design. Additional support in the form of on-site installations from our AGI experts is also available to get your process up-and-running.

Send us a message describing your process and any other relevant information to kick start the conversation and let us help you find the ideal quartz solution for you.