Calibration with Extreme Precision

New ECO calibration thermostat fulfills the exacting requirements of test laboratories

Lauda-Königshofen, 3 February 2020

With the LAUDA ECO REJ 1225 G calibration thermostat, LAUDA has released a piece of constant temperature equipment designed for the specific requirements of test laboratories and customers who perform calibration and adjustment work on a daily basis. The equipment has been specially developed for the precise calibration of thermometers, such as industrial platinum resistance thermometers, temperature probes, thermocouples or electric thermometers. Liquid calibration baths are considered the most stable temperature source and offer the most consistency for the comparative calibration of temperature probes and sensors in a laboratory. They use a large quantity of liquid to maintain a stable and homogeneous test environment for the calibration of calibration objects of varying sizes, shapes and lengths.

These applications call for calibration thermostats that maintain a constant, temperature-independent liquid level. To achieve this, LAUDA uses a two-chamber bath, consisting of the temperature chamber and the application chamber, also known as the overflow vessel, usable space or buffer chamber. A pump unit pumps the medium from the temperature chamber to the application chamber, which has an overflow at a certain level. From here, the bath medium flows back into the temperature chamber. The ECO calibration thermostat also has a height-adjustable, cylindrical working chamber. This makes it possible to adjust the liquid bath surface in the working area to above cover plate height. Fully immersed thermometers can thus be read directly at the immersion point. In addition, the separate working chamber provides a constant immersion depth regardless of the volume expansion of the bath liquid, an excellent temperature stability of ±0.02 K and a homogeneous temperature distribution within a working temperature range of -25 to 200°C.

The new ECO calibration thermostats : Available with natural refrigerants

With the new LAUDA ECO calibration thermostat, LAUDA has made an important commitment to environmentally friendly temperature control technology. For example, the device is operated with refrigerants that comply with the European F-gas regulation. In addition, the new REJ 1225 G temperature calibration thermostat is optionally available with natural refrigerants. The thermostat can easily and flexibly be integrated in existing work processes thanks to a variety of interfaces, including Profibus, Ethernet or Pt100/LiBus. The large, color TFT display provides a clear overview at a glance and lets you program a variety of temperature curves, which are processed automatically by the thermostat to support your everyday laboratory work.