Vacuubrand offers laboratory users equipment that meets the highest quality standards. “Intelligent pumps” make work easier in laboratories, permitting chemists and technicians to concentrate on their real work.

They engineer and produce almost all pump and controller components in their own facility in Wertheim, Germany.This enables Vacuubrand to quickly respond to the wide variety of demands from different customers and also ensures a consistent approach to the quality of their design and manufacturing processes.

Relying on state-of-the-art technology and machine tools, they produce rotary vane and diaphragm pumps, chemistry pumping units, chemistry vacuum systems, vacuum gauges and controllers, valves and components of the innovative VACUU·LAN® local vacuum network.

Chemistry Diaphragm Pumps And Pumping Systems
(Oil-Free Vacuum For Corrosive Gases And Vapours)

Chemistry diaphragm pumps from VACUUBRAND feature uncompromising chemistry designs. Due to use of fluoropolymers, they are very resistant to chemical vapors from inlet to exhaust, and are very tolerant to condensates.

These chemistry diaphragm pumps are typically use for evacuating chemically aggressive gases and vapors from equipment such as rotary evaporators, vacuum drying cabinets and centrifugal concentrators.

Vacuubrand’s two-, three- and four-stage pumps feature a gas ballast valve that helps minimize impact on ultimate vacuum when working with condensable vapors. Pumping chambers are hermetically separated from the drive system ensuring long lifetimes of mechanical parts. Most importantly, Vacuubrand diaphragm pumps are oil-free, reducing service demands, eliminating water waste from water-jet aspirators and the contaminated waste oil disposal of rotary vane pumps.

Rotary Vane Pumps And Chemistry Hybrid Pumps

VACUUBRAND rotary vane pumps are high-performance, yet compact, and can be equipped with an extensive line of Vacuubrand accessories. They are suitable for process vacuum of up to 10-3 mbar and have an innovative lubrication system with a built-in oil pump and have a large oil volume. This extends oil change and service intervals and protects the pump at start-up. The effective gas ballast feature, with its high flow gas ballast, provides high vapour pumping capability for both water and solvents.

Vacuubrand’s rotary vane volume flow rate is specified at atmospheric pressure, as is customary with PNEUROP®. For process efficiency, however, the high volume flow rate of Vacuubrand pumps under process conditions, as well as a consistently high volume flow rate over a wide pressure range, is crucial for a variety of applications.


The newly developed vacuum controller VACUU·SELECT® makes vacuum control even easier.

VACUU·SELECT®, an application-based controller with a touch screen display and a user-friendly interface for all of your lab-scale vacuum processes. Suitable for all VACUUBRAND pumps and pumping units in the laboratory, but also for applications with existing vacuum sources and -networks.

A solution that always works!



Modern vacuum gauges in laboratory must meet high requirements regarding chemistry resistance and rough working conditions.

Vacuubrand vacuum gauges offer a technically and economically perfect solution for almost every application in the laboratory. Beside the standard gauges for rough and fine vacuum, Vacuubrand offers with the VACUU·VIEW extended a vacuum gauge with an extended measuring range (1100 to 10-3 mbar). The product range is completed by a high-vacuum measuring device (down to 10-9 mbar)

All gauges are optimized for use in chemistry and offer high long-term stability and accuracy. For the measuring range from atmospheric pressure down to 0.1 mbar chemically resistant ceramic diaphragm vacuum sensors are used, which determine the pressure independent of the gas type. In the range from 5 mbar to 10 -3 mbar, ceramic-jacketed Pirani sensors are used.

Depending on the application, mains- or battery-powered measuring gauges can be used. For vacuum monitoring in process engineering applications, measuring instruments with ATEX approval are available.


Vacuum networks make it possible to supply several different applications with one vacuum pump. This is a money and space saving solution when a lot of users are working with vacuum in one laboratory and avoids the numerous drawbacks of a central vacuum supply.

Versatile and easily upgradable vacuum modules are available for a variety of workplace outlets. All of the components are available for new laboratories, existing and renovated laboratories. The modules are very resistant to chemicals, and have built-in check valves to ensure that adjacent applications do not contaminate or interfere with one another.

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