Facilities at VTA

Many years of experience in designing thin film, short path and fractional distillation units enabled us to install optimized multi purpose toll distillation plants at our site in Niederwinkling, Germany. The systems are designed according to the European explosion protection directive and even high melting and high viscous material can be processed. For the distillation of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, the specific distillation system is validated separately. Materials typcally ship in isotanks, IBCs, drums or even smaller containers.


24/7 operation

Full Quality control

Special cleaning procedures / validation possible

1 kg up to 1000 tons

max. 350°C heating temperature

max. 180°C melting point

max. 100,000 cP viscosity

Fractionation column with 10 theoretical stages

Short in capacity?

New product to be purified?

Contaminated batch? Interested in long-term agreements?