Acid recycling and purification

AGI manufacture large scale Chemical Acid Plants for acid recycling and purification. We have in-house expertise in the calculation, design and manufacture of bespoke chemical plants in borosilicate and/or quartz. AGI enable you to be sustainable and environmentally friendly by offering high performing acid recycling plants, and guarantee a purity of 1 ppb for different industrial acids. Our Chemical Acid Plants can be installed worldwide.

Commonly recycled acids are HCl, HNO3, HAc and H2SO4, but we can also accommodate other acids/solvents, so get in touch if you require something different.


Why should you choose AGI ?

AGI excels in personalized solutions for acid purification processes and has decades of experience in delivering them. We thoroughly study your project requirements in order to propose the most effective solution.

You can be confident in choosing AGI as a partner for your Chemical Acid Plant project because we provide :


Extensive experience in constructing acid recycling plants


Complete in-house solutions Technology - Engineering - Manufacturing - Implementation

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Superior customer support at all stages of the project and beyond

Reference specifications

AGI has successfully delivered a number of Chemical Acid Plant projects with varying feed and production rates, including :

  • HCl purification, Concentration; 35-36w%, Production rate: 1,000 kg/hr
  • HNO3 purification, Concentration; 65-70w%, Production rate: 1,000 kg/hr
  • HAc purification, Production rate; 1,000 kg/hr

Purity of 1 ppb is assured* for all of these purification processes. This is possible with the use of quartz components in the system as necessary.

*Only if a complete turn key solution from AGI is used.