Premex Solutions Gmbh conceives, designs and develops on entire world of reactor technologies in Lyss near Bern, Switzerland.Premex high-pressure reactors are distinguished by their high quality workmanship for all
construction components and by their outstanding ease of operation.

They are constructed on a modular basis and are available in stainless steel or specialty steels. In volumes from 100 ml to 100 Lt for use at 6 bar to 700 bar and a maximum of 350oC. High-pressure reactors by Premex means Swiss precision in pure design aesthetics and functionality.

In addition to their standard program they develop, design, and produce a wide variety of magnetic stirrer head types and magnetic stirrer drives for you.

To control and regulate their high-pressure reactors they can provide everything – from simple
control devices right through to complex, software-regulated process controls – that you need or desire for a complete installation or a customer-specific application.

Magnetic Stirrer Drive In The Redsprint Series – Optimally Tested In The Red Design!

Premex magnetic stirrer heads or magnetic stirrer drives can be used for glass equipment under vacuum, pressure-lessvacuum, pressure-less and for high pressure reactors up to 700 bar at laboratory or pilot-plant scale. Torque reaches 20 Ncm – 50 Nm

We supply Premex magnetic stirrer systems to research institutions, technical schools, universities, installation designers and planning offices for process engineering. We convert available stirring equipment to customer demands.

The Avalon Plus Series – Enormous Potential And Possibilities!

Premex developed the avalon parallel installation to the maximum for you, with a mobile chassis, the requirements for controls or a PC, and an integrated gas control system on the back side of the four reactors.

Our highlights for you:

The Kartago Series – For Stepless Success!

Premex present the innovative “kartago” for high-pressure batch processing in volumes of 500 ml or 1 L, in material grade 1.4435 and with an attractive frame. Premex equipped the kartago with the proven, jaw-type closure and clean and efficient heating.

As a highlight, this model has a smooth-running, stepless lifting device that uses a hydraulic cylinder. The crank gearing allows the autoclave vessel to lift into position against the cover.

All fitting and their feed lines are mounted fixed to the cover and the reactor is ready for quick operation at 200 bar and 200oC.

The Cobalt Series – For Constant Reaction Insights!


With the “cobalt” combi-glass reactor Premex focused on a smooth-running hydraulic lifting device that features crank gearing.

The big plus here is that processes can run up to 6 bar in the glass reactor, as well as to 200 bar in the double jacket reaction vessel, material grade 1.4435. The reaction vessel can be easily removed and exchanged with the quick-change device.

Both vessels operate under the same autoclave cover, which is integrated into the upper suspension plate and is anchored there along with its fixtures and feed lines.

Product Range

ProductDesign volumeDesign pressureDesign temperature
Series Vivor60 mlUp to 350 bar maxup to 200o C max
Series Varioso60 mlUp to 350 bar maxup to 200o C max
Series Andorra60 mlUp to 350 bar maxUp to 200o C max
Series Apart60 mlUp to 350 bar maxUp to 200o C max
Series Avalon50 ml to 100 mlUp to 350 bar max300o C (up to 500o C
depending on material)
Series Avalon Plus50 ml to 100 mlUp to 350 bar max300o C(up to 500o C
depending on material)
Series Twister70 ml to 1200 mlUp to 700 bar max250o C to 350o C
Series Beluga60 ml to 380 mlUp to 200 bar maxUp to 250o C max
Series Pollux100 ml to 1000 mlUp to 700 bar maxUp to 350o C max
Series Pinto100 ml to 1000 mlUp to 325 bar maxUp to 300o C max
Series Kartago380 mlUp to 200 bar maxUp to 200o C
Series Cobalt1000 ml and 1500 mlGlass reactor:
-1 bar (full vacuum)
or up to +6 bar
Double-wall steel reactor:
up to 60 bar
-20o C to +200o C
Series Prator2 Lt to 10 LtUp to 700 bar maxUp to 350o C max
Series Pyron15 Lt to 100 LtUp to 700 bar maxUp to 350o C max
Series Hyper100 Lt (other
volumes on request)
Up to 200 bar maxUp to 300o C