This case study demonstrates the ability of Lauda Circulation Chiller ‘Ultracool UC4’ to be connected to four 1 Litre Rotary Evaporator Condensers and maintaining a temperature range between -5ºC to +15ºC. The UC4 can automatically adjust the changing work load conditions to provide optimal cooling output even under extreme ambient temperatures such as 50°C.

This Ultracool UC4 unit was installed at a leading Agrochemical company in India. It has a working range from -5 ºC +25 ºC and offers efficient heat exchange and low energy loss. It not only saves space in the laboratory but is also an economical alternative to having dedicated chillers for each condenser. The UC4 unit can ideally be connected to a total of 8 to 9 1 Liter Rotary Evaporators condensers without having to compromise on efficiency.

Technical Specifications
Temperature Range: -5ºC to 25ºC
Cooling Power: 4.10 kW @ 5ºC / 3.40 kW @ 0ºC / 2.80 kW @ -5ºC
Hoses: 13 mm Insulated rubber tubing
Heat Transfer Liquid: 13Water + Glycol
Application: Four 1 Liter Rotary Evaporator Condensers
Control: Outflow

The compact LAUDA Ultracool Circulation Chillers have high cooling capacity and are “Plug & Operate” systems with a cold water container, centrifugal pump and internal bypass. These antifreeze protection thermostats prevent freezing of the heat exchanger and also have an integrated pressure switches which protect the circuit against pressure that is too high or too low. Further, the chiller casings are made of galvanized steel panels and coated with epoxy resin to protect against corrosion even in aggressive production environments.