Installed a Lauda heating-cooling system IN 250 XTW for a 10 Litre Syrris jacketed reactor. This installation took place at a leading Agrochemical Company in India.


This case study demonstrates the ability of IN 250 XTW to control the process temperature in the range of -30°C to +150°C as per customer requirement. This system can achieve a minimum temperature of -30°C in process with an accuracy level of ±0.05 in temperature control.


The 10 liter Syrris Glass reactor is connected to Lauda IN 250 XTW with a flexible insulated metal hose of 2M and circulating a heat transfer liquid ‘Kryo 70’. The inbuilt PT100 sensor from Syrris reactor is connected through a 4-pin lemo plug to Lauda system to control the process temperature.

Technical Specifications

Temperature Range: -45°C to +220°C
Heater Power: 3.5 kW
Cooling Power: 2.20 kW @ +200°C / 2.20 kW @ +100°C / 2.10 kW @ +20°C / 1.80 kW @ 0°C / 1.00 kW @ -20°C / 0.20 kW @ -40°C
Hoses: M 30 x 1.5 * 2M
Heat Transfer Liquid:Kryo 70 (-70°C to +220°C)
Reactor: 10 Lt Syrris jacketed reactor
Control: Process


The integral XT process thermostats operate according to the flow principle with a cold oil blanket that allows the utilization of the entire temperature range through the use of a heat transfer medium. It took approximately 30 minutes to heat up from +35°C to +150°C and 62 minutes to cool down from +35°C to -30°C with an accuracy of ±0.05.
The Integral XT process thermostats are ideal for dynamic temperature control tasks.