Heating thermostats from 25 to 100 °C for cost-effective temperature control thermostating in the lab

LAUDA Alpha is the most cost-effective choice when it comes to premium-quality LAUDA thermostats. These reliable and user-friendly thermostats, with features reduced to the essentials, can be operated with non-flammable liquids and are suitable for both internal and external temperature control tasks.

The heating thermostats A 6, A 12 and A 24 work in the temperature range between 25 and 100°C. Cooling coil, pump circulation set and bath cover set are available as accessories for all thermostats.

Working temperature min.

25 °C

Working temperature max.

100 °C

Temperature stability

0.05 ± K

Alpha A 6Alpha A 12Alpha A 24
Working temperature min.25 °C25 °C25 °C
Working temperature max.100 °C100 °C100 °C
Temperature stability0.05 ± K0.05 ± K0.05 ± K
Bath volume min. 2,5 L8,0 L18,0 L
Bath volume max.5,5 L12,0 L25,0 L
Bath depth150 mm200 mm200 mm
Pump pressure max. 50 Hz0.2 bar0.2 bar0.2 bar
Flow rate max. (pressure) 50 Hz15 L/min15 L/min15 L/min
Interfaces integratedNoNoNo