High pressure reactor vivor

The reactor vivor makes do with a single fitting, but it is quite something, as it combines a shut-off valve, pressure gauge and bursting disc safety device at the same time. A dip tube on the autoclave lid completes the small autoclave.


Compact and individually heatable

Compact and inexpensive, vivor is a popular choice for versatile applications in the laboratory. Two versions are offered: a centred fitting with 4 outlets or four individual connections on the reactor lid. The reactor vivor can be used with an oil thermostat or in combination with a heating plate with stirrer drive and internal magnetic stir bar.

Variants/special features

Article NoVol. ml Pres PS barTemp. TS C° Pres PA barTemp. PA C° Mat. WNr.Sensor / HeatingDrive / VersionL x W x H mm
13224460250225200200 1.4435Type KSitec special valve 85x110x301
13008060250225200200 1.4435without2 needle valves 120x129x269
12026360350 275280 250 2.4602 Type KSitec special valve 92x115x300
13008860350 275280 250 2.4602 without2 needle valves124x156x288
12026260600 325 480300 1.4980Type KSitec special valve 85x111x301
132248100 250225200200 1.4435Type KSitec special valve85x110x340
130085100 250225200200 1.4435without2 needle valves120x129x308
132250100 350 275 280 250 2.4602 Type KSitec special valve92x115x339
130092100 350 275 280 250 2.4602 without2 needle valves124x156x327
132252100 600 325 480 300 1.4980 Type KSitec special valve85x111x340

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