High pressure reactor twister

The twister reactors are suitable for everything from hydrogenation, polymerisation or catalyst research in chemical laboratories to small-scale production in pilot plants in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.


Everything it take

Spiral spring tubes, for example, provide a flexible connection from the autoclave lid to the pressure station. Innovative – this is how we see the popular jaw closure up to 200 bar or exchangeable reaction vessels in several sizes. And well thought-out is the electric heating combined with outer jacket cooling or a double jacket design for heat transfer oil.The batch reactor is an excellent model for a variety of different reactions such as standard hydrogenations, asymmetric hydrogenations, etc.

Variants/special features

Article NoVol. mlPres PS barTemp. TS C°Pres PA barTemp. PA C°Mat. WNr.Sensor / HeatingDrive / VersionL x W x H mm
135695602503002002001.4435 Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W420x371x726
135753602503002002002.4602Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W420x371x726
135672 1002503002002001.4435Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W420x371x726
135722 1002503002002002.4602Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W420x371x726
133759 2502503002002001.4435Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W470x480x741
133777 2502503002002001.44351 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x480x853
1338542502503002002002.4602Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W470x480x736
1338482502503002002002.46021 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x480x849
133685 3802503002002001.4435Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W470x480x746
133716 3802503002002001.44351 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x485x870
133822 3802503002002002.4602 Type K, electric50 Ncm/Motor 120W470x480x737
133842 3802503002002002.46021 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x485x853
133421 5002503002002001.4435Type K, electric60 Ncm/Motor 120W 470x485x746
1335755002503002002001.44351 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x485x870
133808 5002503002002002.4602Type K, electric60 Ncm/Motor 120W 470x485x737
1338185002503002002002.46021 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x485x859
133674 1000 2503002002001.4435Type K, electric90 Ncm/Motor 180W 470x510x751
1336341000 2503002002001.44351 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x510x880
133800 1000 2503002002002.4602Type K, electric90 Ncm/Motor 180W 470x510x746
133796 1000 2503002002002.46021 x Pt100, fluidHeidolph drive402x510x870

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