High pressure reactor twister light

The twister light reactors are suitable for everything from hydrogenation, polymerisation or catalyst research in chemical laboratories to small-scale production in pilot plants in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.


Everything it take

The Batch Reactor twister light is an excellent model for a variety of different reactions such as standard hydrogenations, asymmetric hydrogenations, etc. Cooling water supply and return, motor stand and electrical connection are integrated in the basic structure of the base. The positioned swivel device allows the IKA stirrer drive to be unhooked from its flexible grid coupling and swivelled to the side. The jaw lock can be conveniently opened and the reaction vessel removed from the heating/cooling element.

Variants/special features

LC6 LC temperature laboratory controller

Article NoVol. mlPres PS barTemp. TS C°Pres PA barTemp. PA C°Mat. WNr.Sensor / HeatingDrive / VersionL x W x H mm
136790 1202503002002001.44351 x Pt100 Ika/Julabo control385x375x657
1367931202503002002002.46021 x Pt100 Ika/Julabo control385x375x657
1368041202503002002001.44351 x Pt100 Ika Eurostar385x375x657
136805 1202503002002002.46021 x Pt100 Ika Eurostar385x375x657
1367912502503002002001.44351 x Pt100 Ika/Julabo control415x375x687
1367942502503002002002.46021 x Pt100 Ika/Julabo control415x375x677
1367972502503002002001.44351 x Pt100 Ika Eurostar415x375x687
1367992502503002002002.46021 x Pt100 Ika Eurostar415x375x677
1367923802503002002001.44351 x Pt100 Ika/Julabo control415x375x687
136795 3802503002002002.46021 x Pt100 Ika/Julabo control415x375x677
136798 3802503002002001.44351 x Pt100 Ika Eurostar415x375x687
136800 3802503002002002.46021 x Pt100 Ika Eurostar415x375x677
135998 500 2503002002001.44351 x Pt100 Ika/Julabo control420x375x697
136796 500 2503002002002.46021 x Pt100 Ika/Julabo control420x375x687
136052 500 2503002002001.44351 x Pt100 Ika Eurostar420x375x697
136801500 2503002002002.46021 x Pt100 Ika Eurostar420x375x687

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