High pressure reactor avalon

Here we have created a highly agile series of high-pressure reactors, which we present to you in the small autoclave family – the A-line. The A-line (andorra, apart, avalon, avalon plus) offers a hand when it comes to batch systems or multi-versions of four, eight or more autoclaves in series. The small autoclaves can be heated, cooled or controlled independently of each other.


Multi-versions of four, eight or more reactors in series

In the basic version, a quadruple chassis with independent heating units is one of the main features of the avalon. Four complete autoclave units andorra can thus be operated in parallel and can be removed from your heating/cooling unit. The avalon reactor system confidently combines reactor units with fully integrated magnetic feedthroughs, micromotors, gas connections and safety attributes. The plug-in connections for heating and thermocouple are located on the rear of the autoclave chassis.

Variants/special features

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avalon plus