LAUDA is the leading manufacturer of constant temperature equipment and systems, and highly precise measuring instruments, used in a broad range of research, development and production capacities. LAUDA thermostats are characterized by their excellent handling, highly ergonomic design and intuitive operation. Our products provide precise temperature control from –100°C to 320°C and are recognized by researchers throughout the pharmaceutical, biotech, educational, automotive, petrochemical and semiconductor marketplace, as integral components of process control, manufacturing and R&D .

Large selection:

Whether it’s for routine tasks, professional and economical temperature control, high cooling outputs and high cooling rates or lightning-fast temperature changes – LAUDA has the right solution for almost every requirement.

Proverbial quality:

For more than 60 years, LAUDA has been developing, designing and producing high quality constant temperature equipment to the highest standards in quality and safety – confirming time and again the durability and longevity that LAUDA has become known for.

First-class advice – internationally:

LAUDA provides friendly, fair, and expert advice and help customers to configure application-optimized systems.

Easy handling:

All LAUDA devices are characterized by excellent handling, a highly ergonomic design and intuitive operation. They also offer maximum user convenience and future-oriented software.

Exemplary safety concepts:

All products meet the most stringent safety requirements and provide peace of mind in every application, thanks to the intelligent technologies and sophisticated safety concepts.

Reliable service:

Robust LAUDA devices are known for their durability. If you still need additional support, the customer will have quick access to comprehensives services – for greater flexibility and cost-efficiency.


Highly accurate temperature control at extreme temperatures, reliability and long-term operational stability for a long service life of the thermostats.
The right choice of heat transfer liquid is of critical importance for the safe and reliable operation of thermostats, circulation chillers or water baths. Thanks to LAUDA’s many decades of experience, we are able to offer optimum heat transfer liquids for LAUDA thermostats.

Circulation Chillers
Industrial Heating and Cooling Systems
Made-to-measure installations for industrial applications.Heating, cooling, chilling from -150 up to 550 °C In accordance with the principle of ›modular engineering‹, LAUDA process cooling systems, heat transfer systems and secondary circuit systems are planned and built precisely according to customer‘s wishes: process-oriented, customized and with precision control,meeting the strictest safety standards…..Read More
Heat Transfer Liquids
The right choice of heat transfer liquid is of critical importance for the safe and reliable operation of thermostats, circulation chillers or water baths…..Read More

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